Human Heart Found Aboard Southwest Airlines Flight, Forcing Plane to Turn Around

It’s easy to forget a pair of sunglasses or even a wallet while flying, but a human heart? It happened on Southwest on Sunday. While traveling across eastern Idaho, passengers aboard Dallas-bound Southwest Airlines flight 3606 learned that their plane would be heading back to Seattle, after their captain announced that a human heart had been left onboard, according to the Seattle Times. The captain told the passengers that the heart, which had been left on the plane following a previous flight from Sacramento, was supposed to have been delivered to a local hospital in Seattle, the outlet reported. RELATED: 11 Heart Failure Facts Cardiologists Want You to Know A representative for Southwest confirmed to PEOPLE that the flight was turned around after “we learned of a life-critical cargo shipment onboard the aircraft that was intended to stay in Seattle for delivery to a local hospital.” “We made the decision to return to Seattle as it was absolutely necessary to deliver the shipment..

LaCroix Denies That It Contains ‘Cockroach Insecticide’ Ingredient

As the hype around LaCroix Sparkling Water has grown over the years, part of the intrigue has been the mystery: How do they pack so much flavor into those cans while maintaining their claim of “100% Natural, Calorie-Free, Sugar Free, Sodium Free, No Artificial Sweeteners.” Despite repeated questioning, the beverage brand has remained elusively coy. But a new lawsuit alleges LaCroix may have another good reason for keeping its mouth shut: The flavored sparkling water might not be as healthy as it claims. RELATED: Why Your LaCroix Obsession Isn't So Healthy Earlier this week, the law firm Beaumont Costales announced that it had filed a class action lawsuit in Illinois’s Cook County against the National Beverage Corporation, makers of LaCroix, alleging that the brand makes “false claims to be ‘all natural’ and ‘100% natural.” “LaCroix has seen tremendous growth in popularity in recent years, driven presumably by American consumers’ increasing demand for healthier food and beverage..

Fitbit Links 90-Year-Old Man to His Stepdaughter’s Stabbing Death: Police

Investigators have charged an elderly California man with killing his 67-year-old stepdaughter after data from her Fitbit, along with surveillance footage, allegedly linked him to the murder scene. According to police reports obtained by PEOPLE, Anthony Aiello, 90, was detained Sept. 25 on a first-degree murder charge. Police allege in the report that Aiello slashed and stabbed Karen Navarra, his 92-year-old wife’s daughter, on Sept. 8. Her remains were found in her San Jose home on Sept. 13 after concerned relatives called police to request a welfare check. When police arrived, the kitchen knife that had been used to cut her neck and head was found protruding from one of Navarra’s hands. The police report on the murder alleges Aiello told investigators he last saw Navarra on Sept. 8, when he stopped by her home to bring her food. He told detectives he was inside Navarra’s residence for no more than 15 minutes, the police report indicates. But police managed to recover surveilla..

Polio Survivor, 82, Is One of the Last 3 People in the U.S. to...

With just three remaining in the United States, iron lungs are nearly obsolete — but Mona Randolph, a polio survivor, relies on one of the 700-lb. devices to keep her alive. The 82-year-old Randolph has used the device on and off since being diagnosed with polio in 1956. She was 20 years old at the time, and doctors thought she was too old for the vaccine that had been invented just one year earlier. She’d gone to the hospital in Kansas City with a massive headache, a fever and difficulty breathing, and doctors immediately put Randolph in an iron lung. “They happened to have one in the basement because people were not using them much then,” she told The Kansas City Star. Randolph survived the polio virus, but her left arm was permanently paralyzed, and she became dependent on others to live her life. Though she didn’t have to use the iron lung again for several decades, she needed other treatments, and went to the same Warm Springs, Ga. facility as President Franklin D. Roosevelt. ..

Mom Speaks Out After Girl, 12, Sets Herself on Fire While Attempting Viral ‘Fire...

A 12-year-old girl is recovering from the severe burns she received to nearly half of her body while she attempted a viral and dangerous internet challenge. Just minutes into a mid-afternoon nap on Friday, Brandi Owens was awoken by a loud pop that echoed throughout her home. Moments later, Owens saw her daughter, Timiyah Landers, running down their halfway engulfed in a fireball that covered almost her entire body. “She was running down the hallway past my bedroom on fire from her knees to her hair,” Owens, a mother of five from Detroit, tells PEOPLE. “I just screamed, ‘My baby!’ It was so awful.” Owens and her fiancé then used towels to extinguish the flames, then placed the young girl in the bathtub and sprayed her down with cold water. “I burned my hands in the process,” Owens, 35, says. “It was so traumatizing to see her on fire.” The family rushed Timiyah to Beaumont Health, and she was transported to a nearby children’s hospital by the end of the night. She will stay there ..

20-Year-Old Who Vanished While Jogging Found Dead More Than a Month Later

Twenty-year-old Iowa college student Mollie Tibbetts, who disappeared in the middle of July after going for her usual jog around town, was found dead early Tuesday in a field not far from where she vanished, a police source tells PEOPLE. The source says the body was located in a field in Poweshiek County. Confirmation is pending but authorities are confident that it belongs to Tibbetts, according to the source. Additional details about the discovery — a grim end to a search that captured national attention — were not immediately available. State investigators are holding a news conference Tuesday afternoon about the case, a spokesman says. He declined to comment further to PEOPLE. Tibbetts, who was set to be a sophomore at the University of Iowa studying psychology, was last seen alive the night of July 18 while running in Brooklyn, in Poweshiek County, where she lived. RELATED: Investigators Say They Have ‘Solid Timeline’ in Mollie Tibbetts Case She had been staying with her bo..

Pepperidge Farm Recalls 4 Different Kinds of Goldfish Crackers Due to Salmonella Risk

Goldfish Cracker lovers might have to take a break from the snack due to fears that an ingredient could potentially be contaminated with Salmonella. The maker of the small, gold crackers, Pepperidge Farm, announced on Monday that they were recalling four different flavors of their product. In a statement released by the company on their website, the company explained that one of its ingredient supplies alerted them the whey powder in a seasoning used in four flavors was the subject of a recall. “Pepperidge Farm initiated an investigation and, out of an abundance of caution, is voluntarily recalling four varieties of Goldfish crackers,” the statement said. “The products were distributed throughout the United States. No illnesses have been reported. No other Pepperidge Farm products in the U.S. are subject to this recall.” A spokesperson for the company did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment. The four products include Flavor Blasted Xtra Cheddar, Flavor Blasted ..

7-Week-Old Baby Hospitalized with Brain Bleed After Being Hit By Rogue Softball

A infant from Iowa is making slow but steady progress in her recovery after being hit in the head by a softball. As Lee Hovenga readied to play in a recreational game of softball on May 2, his wife Kassy Hovenga took a seat in the stands behind third base with their 7-week-old daughter, McKenna, according to a Facebook page set up by relatives and friends of the family. Aside from check-ups and running errands, the game marked McKenna’s very first outing, a post in the group, Healing For McKenna, detailed. When another pair of teams took the field, Lee took a break and helped Kassy cover herself with a blanket to breastfeed McKenna. But, with their attention diverted away from the field, the couple didn’t notice when a softball was launched over the fence in their direction. While the softball hit Kassy in the bicep, the couple wasn’t aware that McKenna was impacted, too — until she started screaming a few seconds later and a large lump formed on her head. According to the Faceboo..

A 66-Year-Old Woman’s Brain Implant Was Shut Off By a Lightning Strike

A doctor in Slovenia has reported on a case with a lesson you might want to remember. If you wind up with a brain implant at some point down the road—including the kind that might someday allow you to control computers with your mind—be sure you don’t try and charge it during a thunderstorm. According to the report, published earlier this month and spotted by Ars Technica, a 66-year-old patient with a brain implant was in her apartment when it was struck by lightning. The strike was strong enough to “burn and destroy” electrical appliances in the apartment, including a television and air conditioner. Get Data Sheet, Fortune’s technology newsletter. It was also strong enough to trigger a failsafe that shut off the woman’s brain implant, even though it wasn’t connected to the home’s wiring. The patient was being treated for involuntary neck spasms using a procedure called Deep Brain Stimulation, or DBS. It’s a well-established therapy that has been used for Parkinson’s disease for mor..

Do you have a Sore throat and cough? Treat it the natural way-A must...

URI (Upper respiratory infection) or ‘Common cold’ is probably one of the most frequently occuring infectious disease in humans. It is a viral infection of the upper respiratory tract. There is no cure for common cold, only its symptoms can be treated. Sore throat and runny nose are typically the initial symptoms of cold followed by cough and sneezing. These could also be accompanied with fever and headache. While there are more than 200 different types of viruses that cause the common cold, the most common one that causes cold is the Rhinovirus. Since there are so many types of viruses known to cause common cold, and also because new viruses constantly keep developing, it is difficult for our bodies to create resistance against all of them. This is the reason why you see recurrence of common cold being so frequent. Transmission: Typically, the common cold virus is transmitted via aerosols or when you come in contact with an infected individual. Even though there is no cure as such f..